Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Electronic free...well, mostly

Yesterday, after I unloaded on my husband over the kids' constant complaining, he came up w/ a genius solution. It's not that each kid is so bad, but when 4 kids complain individually throughout the day, it can feel constant!

Since they cannot appreciate the computer games, Wii, Playstation, cellphones, mp3 players and tv that we have, they can live w/out them for awhile.

Wow! We had such a great afternoon yesterday. And since I did not have the tv on last night, I went to bed earlier.

We did watch our 24 dvd from netflix, but after that turned the tv off.

Lately, I have really been in the habit of turning the tv on or playing on the computer to pass the time because I haven't felt good. I am starting to really feel better and it is time to start breaking the habit. :)

So except for a google search for my coffeemaker manual, this post and maybe checking my email or netflix queue, no computer for me. :)

And if there is a show we want to watch, we will. But I hope we stick w/ not just turning the tv on and watching whatever we can find to pass the time.

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