Thursday, June 4, 2009

the Listener

Today I felt sick. I watched alot of tv today.

One of the shows I watched was The Listener. Mark my works, the opening of the show would make a really cute SNL skit, so be on the look out for that. Spooky, upbeat music(much like the opening of Medium) w/ the star looking up, right, left wistfully.

This show is full of all-new, original ideas(all of which are very believeable, by the way) including a beautiful female detective who works in a tank top and tight jeans. Character comes complete w/ exterior. Could the plucky young telepath warm her cold heart?

What is with television police departments that they need a spunky civilian sidekick to do their work?

And wonderful moments like: Wow, I just had the thought that I needed a dollar and this young stranger hands me a dollar out of the blue, how magical and heartwarming.

Easy access to the unattended police computer for the leading man to solve the case was the final straw. My husband tells me w/ 10 minutes left our young hero saves the day.

Read my mind, nbc: Yuck!


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