Thursday, June 18, 2009

My husband is a genius part 2

Yesterday evening as I told my husband about the stressful day of children fighting, bickering, talking constantly, he hit the nail on the head: The children no longer have the tv, computer, games, etc to fight over, so they gravitate to me wanting attention and also bicker over OTHER things now. It was somewhat of a relief to know.

The heat has really made me feel terrible. It was hotter than this in Arizona when I used to visit my mom, but it was a dry heat. This is a muggy, sticky, heavy sweaty hotness.

Also, allergies/cold or whatever we had last week continues to hang on...

Since yesterday was so stressful and chaotic, I was glad I was not on a reality show. As we went through the grocery store 3 kids(out of 4) got to carry balloons we bought for father's day. I just cannot convey to you how obnoxious this turned out. They weren't on strings, but on long plastic sticks w/ lollipops on the end. So just imagine constant bickering because only 3 kids get to carry a precious balloon. Carry it, drop it, break the lollipop. We clogged up the aisles as they watched the balloons rise instead of watching where they were going.

I was fit to be tied by the evening, I tell ya.

If I was famous the headlines would have been scandalous:

"Mom Stresses at Store"
"Balloon Drama on Aisle 12"

Today was a much better day. Thank goodness!

My girls and a girl down the street have been having a "girls club" on Thursdays while the boys volunteer at the library. It is going very well. I am so glad that I feel good enough to do it.

I am using the Keepers of the Home program from Keepers of the Faith. They are much more conservative than I am, but Biblically solid. It is very flexible and the girls can complete the tasks to earn pins or badges like girl scouts. I like it. It is good for the girls to hear and learn things that are in stark contrast to the mainstream.

At first I balked at it being called "keepers of the home". The little girl down the street is being raised by a single mom. But I told them that Moms end up doing alot of family and home management even if they work outside the home. I also said that if they never marry, they will really be in charge of their home! :)

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