Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok, here's the new plan. I was all set and ready to declare Sonlight "not for us". However...

This semester I am going to give it another try. I just listened to 2 podcasts from SL and I need to make some changes to the way I have been doing some things.So I can't "grab and go" and maybe all the planning isn't done for me like the catalog says.

And maybe there is a bigger learning curve for me than other homeschool moms OR maybe you just don't hear about people who seem to struggle as much as I do.

Last year I couldn't find a way to make SL work. I think it might have been easier if the neighbor hadn't joined us. My kids love for me to read to them and answer questions, but really...Who knows? I love having the neighbor join us, it makes me do more than I normally would do and I take the school day more seriously.

I didn't understand that if the writing was too much, I could drop it for a while. I thought that since I had a lower core, we could just follow the teaching manual(IG) as is. I didn't get that if the reading was boring everyone, I should slow it down.

I didn't understand that if things don't work out perfectly, it doesn't mean that it is the wrong thing to do. I grew so much last year, I had to learn how to teach:

a middle schooler, somewhat unmotivated
a dylexic/dysgraphic who can't read or write, but comprehends well
a motivated elementary student wanting to go and do!
a motivated lower elementary student getting lost in the mix

and the neighbor who can read and write, but has low comprehension, burned out w/ school

Instead of starting day one of school with a full blown schedule, I am building. Each week I add something. I have tweaked the daily schedule, Doing handwriting, then Geography songs, then spelling, then another non-writing activity. I break it up that way for my son who is dysgraphic as he finds writing tedious.

I am really going to challenge myself to try to find my way w/ SL and finish the core I started last fall.One piece at a time. I find myself slipping into the old thought patterns, wanting to add too much, too fast, but I am staying on top of it so far.

The first week was hard, but ended up good. This week is starting off well. I have actually found myself thinking"Now this is the way I wish I was taught!"

Like I said, I fully expect this to be the best year ever.


Luke said...

I am so glad that Sonlight is beginning to make sense, and that my comments have been encouraging. It sounds like things are beginning to really flow, but don't forget that there are SCAs and the Forums if you ever get stuck.

And, if you need it, feel free to come bug me, and I'll be happy to help out in any way I can!

Thanks for responding and letting me know my comments have been helpful. That is really encouraging to me.


Jennifer Sr. said...

I did consult SCA last year and I do utilize the forums. I feel like I am at the point of just digging in and doing it and going from there. I feel like I have talked about all that can be talked about, now I need to try and see what works. If that makes sense.

And now that you have given me permission to bug you, I will comment more on why I decided to not give up on SL just yet. ;)