Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lighten UP!

School has started and I still don't feel it "in the air". So much for that theory.

Today we started so late, but still did mostly everything. I didn't sleep well and couldn't drag myself up.I was tempted to stay down and just do nothing for the day, but it eventually occured to me that sometimes you just have to lighten up. When things seem like they are rock bottom, there is nothing to lose in having a little sense of humor. So instead of feeling bad, I just started from where I was.

It is hard for me to see that I am still the same person no matter what is going on. I want to feel good about myself when I act good. But God isn't so fickle.He continues to grow me and use and change me. I don't need to rush Him or question His timing or help Him along.And I don't need to clean myself up on my own.

I am really enjoying this time of review. My confidence is really building.On Sept. 15, 3 of the kids will begin Time4Learning again, so I guess we will have to tweak things again. I am anxious to see if I feel like I still need it. It was such a life saver last year!!!

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