Friday, August 22, 2008

School, so far

I do think it is good for me to purposefully write everyday. :) Earlier I thought I was going to have to say how bad our homeschool week has gone, but I can now honestly say that the week has ended on a fairly positive note.

The "feeling" of school isn't in the air because the public school kids haven't started yet. I don't know if I will start early again next year or not.

Sleep has not been sweet and I have been sleeping very late, getting started w/ school late...that is frustrating. But for now it is the best I can do. It doesn't do anyone any good if I have a pity party for myself the whole day instead of just going ahead w/ school.

Having an extra student while I am going through this is a little embarassing. I need to meet w/ his parent and mention that I am just a mom, sometimes I run late and have issues. If they are looking for their child to be gone all day, I cannot provide that. He is welcome to join us. This is a family homeschool, not a professional institution. But we won't beat him up, so to me it is worth it! ;)

Something I am working on is continuing even though things get uncomfortable.

Right now we are reviewing math facts(This whole week was addition), and establishing spelling and reading tutoring routines. Each day I tweak the schedule and today it went very good. I didn't feel overwhelmed at all.I had time leftover and we listened to Ginger Pye , (a read aloud from last year that we never finished) on Cd and I even read some science to them.

One thing AVKO recommends is copywork w/ quotations that make the kids think. I have a book of Ben Franklin quotes to be used as copywork. The quotes make them think and I point out the grammatical reasons for the puncuation in the sentence.

It was a real light bulb moment for me. I realized that Sonlight LA does this too! But what was bogging me down about SL LA was the writing part.

I have had a hard time teaching the kids writing w/ all their learning differences.AVKO has them write sentences every night w/ their spelling or reading words. I agree w/ the author that writing sentences should come first, before paragraphs and stories and creative writing.

So maybe I should give SL LA another go round and just use the dictation only for awhile?

And today I opened one of the Science books up and just read about something that was interesting to us instead of what was scheduled. We had a lively discussion. A homeschool mom's DREAM!!! :D

Here is what is hard for me about SL in a nutshell:They give you too much(on purpose) and you decide what you want to use from it.

I decided I didn't like this style and made plans to change to a program that gives you a little and you add it if you want to.

I am wondering if I am finally learning to use SL??? Stay tuned, if you can stand it. ;)


Luke said...

If you are, that is really exciting! But even if you aren't, it's great to hear that things are starting to fall into place.

Don't forget: Sonlight has many resources to help you if you do decided to start weeding through what you want to use or not.

Glad to hear that things are going well.


Jennifer Sr. said...

Well thanks for making me take another look at SL! When you started commenting here, I was just reminded AGAIN what a wonderful company SL truly is and began to feel very reluctant to leave!