Thursday, March 20, 2008

You like really like me!

The most exciting thing has happened to me. Ok, it is exciting for me, in my little life, that is! I was asked to be a contributing writer for a time4learning blog.

Here is the blog description:
"This group blog is owned and operated by The authors are provided monthly compensation to participate. They are selected from existing Time4Learning members. Their instructions can be summarized as follows…Please write candidly about your homeschool experience and how Time4Learning fits into the overall program. We are interested in details about how your days are organized, how and what your children are learning, and what is working and what is not. While the intent of the blog is to spread the word about Time4Learning, it is NOT to mislead. Our use of members to get the word out is an effort to avoid sending out “advertising” messages which over-emphasize our strengths, and fail to mention our shortcomings. We believe in establishing a fair trusting relationship with our members and potential members. We ask our members to blog with this in mind."

Check it out sometime here!


Cajunchic said...

How flattering! You must be so excited.

Jennifer Sr. said...

I am way too excited! lol

It's really just blogging about my day to day use of the program, but I am thrilled to have any sort of mental stimulation!