Saturday, March 22, 2008

Can't we all just get along?

God made us all different.

I am a homeschooling mom to my CORE. I am not always good at it, I have taken breaks from it, I have even tried to quit! But at the end of the day I am a homeschooler, by that I don't mean so much an educator, but a MOM. Whenever I think of God's calling on my life, His will for my life, I think of my family, my neighborhood, simple things.

Now, please hear me. I feel these things so strongly, that I cannot understand why someone would want a career while their child goes to daycare. I do not mean that I think that daycare or career is wrong; I mean that I cannot imagine myself doing it.

When I was younger, I would have just felt superior.Of course I am older now and I realize that they feel as right about career and daycare as I do about homeschooling.

When I imagine how another person is feeling and try to understand and see how they see it...I am showing love to that other person. If I act as if I am "at war" w/ those who aren't like me, what purpose does that serve? Well, for one, it divides us, into "the group who agrees w/ me" and "the the group who doesn't". I am not going to convince many people to cross over to my side by belittling them.

Ok, I guess it really doesn't matter if I never "convert" someone to my belief on education or family. But it does matter when it relates to sharing our faith and showing God's love.

I really want to be a genuine Christian. I want other people to see the love of Christ displayed in me.

Jesus ate with sinners. How do you think he treated them? I think He smiled. I think He was humble. I think He spoke the truth in love.

Really, my big problem is the way Christians treat other Christians. When are we going to get that there is NOT one right way of living out the Christian faith?! You know what would be a huge witness to the world? If a Christian biker chick and a head covering lady had a bible study together. I am not talking about a new world religion, I am talking about we agree on so much! Maybe we don't agree on every little way of living it out, but we believe in Christ crucified right?!

Tonight I watched an interview on TBN. Paul Crouch Jr(I think it was) was interviewing Jim Caviezel. I have seen Jim Caviezel say on other programs that he and his wife are Catholic. And of course Paul Crouch is a Protestant, maybe charismatic? Anyway, they were talking about the Passion of the Christ and Jim's new audio bible project. They talked back and forth about God and Jesus and the bible and reading the word and the importance of prayer. They were both sincere and it was obvious that they both loved the Lord.

Isn't that neat? I don't think the interview would have been as moving and glorifying to God if they had argued over the Eucharist or "once saved always saved" or speaking in tongues.You get the idea.

There is a time and place for respectful debate, but if we do not show love and genuine's all empty! Respectfully disagreeing in love speaks VOLUMES!!

You know what? :) For a really good read on this subject(and more), Go read Blue Like Jazz. And for goodness sake, live humbly and smile! at the members at the church across town! ;)

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Cajunchic said...

I could not agree more. I grew up Southern Baptist but later in life became Independant fundamental Baptist. It may seem like much to you but they are quite different. I dont quite fit in with the people who are IFB because I did not grow up in their way of thinking or share all their beliefs in some areas. I also dont quite fit in with the Southern Baptist because they think that I have joined some cult. I just dont understand how two groups who are both Christians could argue so much.