Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today we were doing Sonlight LA and the kids were supposed to write sentences using personification.

My ds10, who has various learning differences, was understandibly not enthused. He prefers doing LA on because there is no writing, and it is multiple choice.

I explained matter-of-factly that he finds the SL writing assignments so hard because he has trouble expressing himself with words, just as he has trouble writing(dysgraphia). And I informed him that he actually has a better vocabulary than some kids who are regular learners. And all I wanted him to do was to talk it out with me.

So my dd8 writes out her sentences and leaves the room. Ds10 hides under a blanket while I try to draw the answers out of him. Then EUREKA, I have a great idea. God really blessed me today, I tell ya.

I am an author trying to write a story about a boy who has dyslexia and I want to give the words on the page human characteristics to help my readers understand what it is like. So I ask him about bullies, how they act, what they do. "They're mean". I kept asking him questions until I got some descriptions I could use,"they tease".He talked about how words move on the page, "weaving". He was starting to get it. I contribute some ideas too.

So then, God again! inspires me and I call my dd8 back to hear what we have come up w/.

I say"The boy opens the book and the words stare back at him. They tease him like a bully on the playground. They weave around the page and the boy chases them like a mom chasing her kid in a candy store."

Her eyes widen and she says "Wow" softly. I ask ds, "Is that what it's like to have dyslexia?" He says yes. I ask dd "Does giving the words human characteristics help you understand better what it is like to have dyslexia?" She says "Yes!"

It was a very special moment and I thank God and SL for it!

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