Monday, February 11, 2008

Disney Store

We made a major killing at the Disney store tonight. I simply stopped in to check and see if we could get something for Joe's nephew's upcoming birthday. Well, they had Ratatouilli(will have to to check the spelling!) stuff 50% off of the clearance price! So for $10 we bought him 2 large action figures, a puzzle, some markers and coloring pages.

Then I found some Disney princess canopies to hang over the girls' beds. They were $10, they probably were previously marked $40!!!

We'd been looking to buy each child something special anyway, so the boys got skateboards.I am not nearly as excited about those. ;) Then the girls, well mainly just one of them, started getting down that she didn't get a toy. Mind you when she got a canopy, she wasn't weeping for the boys because they weren't getting anything. lol Then to add insult to injury, at the register we also let the boys get some walkie/talkie things that were marked down to $1.

Joe and I are working on not making a big deal when the kids do kid stuff like this. So it blew over pretty quickly.

But all the same I am glad that Mother's Day and Father's Day are a good ways away!

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