Saturday, February 16, 2008

To shelter or not...

Well, we are plodding along getting the house in order. Mr. Joe has put up all the hanging organizers, canopies and set up all the new beds. Whew! But actually there is still alot to do.

The other day Joe asked me if I'd read the email from The Old Schoolhouse on "sheltering". Their view was that you can't shelter too much. Well, I'd have to hear what they mean by that. Sure I shelter my kids from shows and movies and issues and things, but as they get older, I slowly let them see more and I explain more things so they can learn about how the world works from ME. We let them venture a bit on their own and then quickly pull them back in when they stray too far.

Compared to alot of parents we are very sheltering, so I don't know where I fall actually. I feel like I fall in the middle, so the super sheltering parents think I am too loose and the anti-sheltering camp think I smother my kids.

You know what it boils down to? Experience. My experiences lead me to the conclusion I now have. And it is the same for you. Simple as that. I don't seek to change anyone else's view, I only seek tolerance(acceptance, respect?) of my views.


Mrs. Darling said...

Yeah I read that article too. I shelter my kids enough to be healthy and give them enough leeway to be happy. Thats all one can do.

Jennifer Sr. said...

I find it interesting that the article talks about "sheltering" like we all know what it means! Sheltering is different things to different people. Just my very humble opinion.