Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Wonderful Homeschool Help

Do you ever feel that you just aren't getting everything taught? Do you have a child that needs to be caught up to grade level? Have you felt that you can't explain things well enough to your students? Have a child w/ special needs? Need a more formal, yet fun curriculum?

Do yourself a huge favor and give Time 4 Learning a try!

It is $20 a month(no contracts!). Each additional child is $15. 2 week $ back guarantee. OR you could get a free month by signing up to be a reviewer.There are discounts for paying for 3 months and 1 year.

I don't know if I can quite express everything adequately.First of all, I needed something more for my ds10 w/ dyslexia and learning disabilities. I meet w/ professionals and get so intimidated trying to explain to them about my homeschooling methods and materials. Time4Learning uses CompassU (I think that is the name!) and it is used by schools so it meets the national standards. The second grade Language Arts program actually times his reading, so now I know how many words he reads per minute! I cannot tell you how confident I will be speaking w/ the next professional! I will have grades, reading scores, etc! I will be speaking their language!!

Plus, the suggestions they give me to help him are so overwhelming sometimes. This program meets so many of their suggestions, so now I don't have to start from scratch trying to supplement my usual teaching to make sure he is getting everything. I sometimes fantasize that the whole public school situation worked out because it is so daunting to think that I can do all this! But I didn't like him getting beat up, so I know homeschooling is better. Well, now I have the teaching and the methods and the consistency of the school. And he doesn't have to get beat up!!

To be continued...

PS~ Time4Learning does compensate ($20) for posting reviews, however, I am not taking advantage of that, but am posting this just because I have been helped by it.

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