Monday, January 14, 2008

Feelin good and other stuff

I have been sick the last few days and am finally feeling better! whew! Feels good to feel good again.

I had a blog over at homeschoolblogger, which I just deleted. I like the idea of writing as myself instead of anonymously. I do alot less complaining. ;) But I will probably still blog there periodically because 3 of my children have blogs there and I want to be able to monitor them. I have them set so only registered members can view their blogs.

Can you believe that one of my neighbors turned us in the school district as truant?? Of course nothing came of it, but it just shook me up! I told the school that we were homeschooling and that was that. But it just made me think! Why is someone just now reporting us? Maybe it is a new neighbor or maybe because the kids look older and it seems strange to see school age kids outside during the day...

I don't know, it makes me feel suspicious in my own neighborhood.

As time goes on, I find myself dwelling on it less and less, so I am sure I will be fine. :)


Mrs. Darling said...

Hey I love it! That pic of the kids is the best pic Ive ever seen of your children. In fact, I dont think I ever saw one of them all together.

Blogger is getting some good templates now. I stil stick to my homemade ones but someday I may switch to theirs again.

So where did you get this one?

Mrs. Darling said...

Duh! I just saw the link on the top of your page!

Jennifer Sr. said...

I originally didn't like this picture(the header one) because only one is looking at me, but it is so candid, that I eventually grew to love it.

Did you see the side one also?

I do have some current ones of each child individually taken by a professional that I want to post soon.

Thanks for commenting!!