Sunday, January 6, 2008

I am already doing some good stuff

Following Mrs. Darling, I am going to list some areas where I already have success!

I hope it's not too short of a list! lol

**We no longer use credit cards and will pay off our vehicle this July, knocking out a major debt!
**The kids don't watch alot of junk tv because we only have a few local channels.
**Instead of struggling to afford a bigger house, we are going to stay in this house for now.
**Our whole family loves to serve(well, most of us, most of the time)!

To work on:

*Being more disciplined and consistent w/ everything in general:housekeeping, cooking, schooling, prayer time, memorizing scripture, Bible reading, exercising.Taking small steps in the right direction consistently.

Ok, I do realize I just listed every area in my life! That's ok, that is where I am.

No one ever said this was a how-to blog where I tell ya how to do everything! ;) Hopefully, by sharing my struggles and successed, I'll just make ya feel better about your own journey.

Sincerely, Jennifer

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Mrs. Darling said...

Great list. Good for you.