Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I resolve

I have oodles of plans for this year. New Year's doesn't quite seem the same to me as when I was younger.It doesn't feel like a clean slate, just another day.

But I am going to make some resolutions/hopes/plans anyway.

Make every meal count!I am going to continue cooking from the Sneaky Chef recipes. Adding nutrients to our food is fun and makes me want to cook everything. Usually I am trying to get out of cooking, but I know if I cook, I can slip some wholesome goodness into the meal. Like this morning, I didn't want the kids to prepare their own instant oatmeal, so I could slip a pinch of ground flaxseed into each of their bowls. Next time, I'll slip in 2 pinches! I notice that I am feeling fuller than I normally would. I guess that is thanks to the lower carb vegetables I am sneaking into our meals.Tonight I made chicken tenders. I didn't care for the sneaky chef version too much, so I modified her breading recipe. I used white whole wheat flour, unbleached white flour, whole grain bread crumbs, a pinch of wheat germ and a pinch of flaxseed.All of my picky eaters ate them up! Well my one dear son claims to have bit into a piece of chicken fat, so that ended his meal, but he did like the tenders!

Compartmentalize! I get so overwhelmed, so easily. The house, the kids, the dog...Calgon take me away!! I have had some limited success only thinking of one problem at a time.

Motivated Moms for the housework. I am not sure how I feel about this plan yet, but I like it better than anything I have seen so far. Everyday there are 2 lists of chores and you do them. Things like laundry and dishes you do everyday. Today one of my chores was to clean the top shelf in the fridge. Then another day it calls for me to clean the middle shelf. I have had this program for a few months and I dont' have a clean house yet because I just don't do it, but I am really going to start fresh and give it a real try!

Curves for exercise. Love it, love that it's all women. Just need to actually go.


Mrs. Darling said...

Good luck on your goasl for the year! Keep us posted!

Jennifer Sr. said...

I have already failed all of them!! lol

OH Well, tomorrow is another day!