Friday, December 28, 2007

The Sneaky Chef

I discovered a wonderful book called the Sneaky Chef. Maybe you have heard of the controversy between this book and Jessica Seinfeld's book called Deceptively Delicious.Both books have recipes for adding vegetables to food to make it more nutritious.

If your kids are wonderful eaters and eat whatever you put in front of them, well then, you may just want to move on, you lucky person!! ;)

My kids are just as picky as I was/is and one child has sensory issues. I ordered the Sneaky Chef book and am waiting for it. Meanwhile I have tried several of her recipes I have been pretty pleased so far.

Check out the website here

The first thing I tried was steaming some carrots, blending them and adding them to spaghetti sauce. No one noticed and everyone liked it.Then I blended up some steamed broccoli and mixed it into the meatballs. Everyone loved those too! Well, one child didn't like the meatballs, but it wasn't because of the broccoli.

Last night I made the brainy brownies complete w/ blended spinach and blueberries. I'd read that the brownies turned out thin, so I doubled the recipe. I could have used a smaller pan.These were the most delicious brownies healthy or otherwise. Very moist. Only one child(my oldest) thought they needed more sugar or chocolate.He still ate 2 of them. The other kids enjoyed them.

Check it out!


Mrs. Darling said...

Im going to have to look into doing more of this too come the new Year. I used to use applesauce for all my oils and egg white instead of egg etc etc. I got away from it. Maybe I'll have to look at that book!

Jennifer Sr. said...

With the veggie puree, it replaces half the fat. The veggies/fruits she recommends are for the vitamins and they replace some of the carbs so the child doesn't get a sugar rush and then crash.

She is also publishing a new book in the spring about sneaky cooking for the husband! ;)