Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hello again

After a long time away, I felt it was time to force myself to post! We got a new keyboard, one that will type every character that we ask it to. ;)

Tonight's dinner was a hit: hamburger patties(I bought them already shaped into patties for an easy meal), Stubb's beef marinade(I actually just used it to flavor the patties. Half way through, I dumped the grease that was accumulating in the pan.I sprinkled brown gravy mix on both sides of the patties. A short time later, I removed the patties, sprinkled and stirred flour( eagle mills, I forget what makes it healthy, but it tastes like white) and vegetable broth to make gravy. There wasn't a whole lot of grease because I'd dumped some out. I put the patties back into the oven, which was off, but still hot. I was sincerely hoping that I hadn't made them taste like salt patties by pouring the gravy mix directly onto the patties.

I heated brown rice(instant) and little green giant buttered corn in the microwave.I seasoned the rice by adding a packet of brown gravy to it and some water. Then I hit it pretty heavy w/ garlic powder and onion powder.

The gravy was great. I was glad because it could have easily gone the other way. :)

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