Sunday, February 1, 2009

over the flu!

I am finally getting over the flu and ready to get back on the diet I bragged about in my last post! I have eaten whatever I wanted while I was sick, and I am tired of it. I have overeaten many times and am ready to get back to eating protein w/ every meal; it sure makes me less hungry!

TLC is running a show on a man w/ 3 wives. Wow. I saw a show called Forbidden Love: Polygamy a few months ago. The host was a young unmarried female interviewing different polygamist family arrangements. The host told one wife that she could never marry a man she wasn't "in love" with, in addition to loving him as just a friend. The wife then said that comment just confirmed what she had w/ her "husband" was right because that "in love" feeling fades and you can't base a relationship on it.

I so wish I could talk to this lady!!! I would never change her mind, but I sure would like to tell her she is wrong. Just like an article I saw one time, assserted that if a married couple claims their love is better now that it was in the beginning, then they are lying.

I am still "in love" w/ my husband, he can still make my heart skip a beat. And we both feel that our relationship just keeps getting better and better every year as we mature and grow.

So there... I just wanted it to be known. ;)

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