Monday, September 8, 2008

It is such a strange feeling to be doing so well w/ homeschooling-the scheduling, the subjects- and at the same time doing so bad w/ housekeeping and chores, esp. in the area of getting the kids to participate.

I really feel myself growing and being more tolerant of things not going perfectly. Which is so good, but nothing ever goes perfectly! At least not for very long!!

Yesterday on PBS, I watched a special on the brain w/ Dr. Amen. Very interesting. He said that many things we think of as bad behaviors are do to brain malfunction.I definitely want to research this more. When I did a google search, quackwatch came up, but I don't plan on doing anything "quacky". I am interested in exercise and fish oil and not giving a place to negative thoughts. None of that will hurt. They may not be miracle cures, but won't hurt anyone.

(Also yesterday and on PBS) I watched Randy Pauch's The Last Lecture.One of the things I took away was the choice of being an Eeyore or a Tigger in life. If I have to chose the one I am most like, I hate to say I have been like Eeyore. I don't know that I can immediately become a Tigger, but maybe I could certain AIM for being more Tigger-like.

There are so many good things. It is so important to determine what God has for me. I feel that I am leaning more and more on God's direction and not just the fine opinion of what works for others.

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