Wednesday, September 3, 2008

homeschooling in a nutshell

Today I am frustrated. The last few days have been so stressfull, just trying to balance it all: kids, house, etc. It's just hard for me. I am struggling to cope w/ it. The fact that I am still moving forward is a huge improvement for me!!!

Yesterday I was honored in front of other people by my father in law. It was really quite moving. Totally unexpected! We attended a luncheon for his last day of work. He introduced us(Joe, me and the kids) one by one and spoke of our accomplishments and acheivements.

It's hard for me to describe homeschooling and even parenting to another person. I usually either present only one side, wonderful or stressful. And the truth is that it is not either of these things by itself.It's both.

This popped into my head yesterday:

It's the best of times, and the worst of times.



Luke said...

Wow, you should start a book with that wonderful phrase! [smile]


Jennifer Sr. said...

Yes, doesn't it sound like a wonderful first sentence?!