Wednesday, August 6, 2008

God doesn't need my help

I am so glad He doesn't need my help. Well, most of the time.

alot of the time, I try to be God's little helper OR I totally act like a toddler screaming "NO! ME DO IT!!"

I am a first born, and a raging perfectionist. If you do not suffer from this affliction, you don't know how crippling it can be. Sometimes I just find myself immobilized w/ indecision.

It is a real struggle for me to not to constantly worry about doing things right.

I have to continually place my trust in God, that He will guide me. He'll stop me if I am wrong and nudge me if I need to go. I don't need to obsess.

If I miss it, He will tell me again.


Cajunchic said...

It sounds like we are very much alike. I tend to want things perfect the first time but am having to learn to let God handle it rather than making it perfect myself.

Xiaoqi said...

Hey! :) I happened to pass by your blog! Although this post was 3 years ago, but you're really a faithful Christian! Continue to let God use you to impact the people around you! :) God bless.

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thank you for the comment! :)