Thursday, July 31, 2008

You are invited to a party

A pity party. My pity party!

OH my. It is quite a day here. As you may know, I dabble in finding remedies for my ds, JD's sensory processing disorder. One of the rumors is that cutting out dairy will help. In my mind it does help him, the pediatrician thinks it is coincidence as there is no scientific evidence to back up the theory of milk causing these kinds of problems.

Once we ran out of milk and didn't replace it right away(about 3 days). JD's behavior was so much better, he seemed like a different person! Even he noticed the difference and was fully on board.

However, in the long term~ We are only able to half heartedly keep the dairy out. It is a real struggle for us! The two girls get runny noses and dark circles under the eyes. My oldest shows no signs of sensitivity at all. I dont' need to clear my throat as much when I leave out dairy.JD does this annoying throat clearing noise when he needs to clear his throat, so I would love it if he could be cured of THAT.

I let him have some frozen yogurt from McD's the other day. All the other kids were getting it, then he had a fudgesicle the next day. My own pediatrician thinks I am wrong!!! I let him have them, maybe I do blame food for his behavior too much...

Today he has no empathy or patience for anyone but himself. Coincidence? I dont' know!

I sure don't care.

I can tell you that we won't be having dairy any time soon. Just in case.

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