Wednesday, July 2, 2008

YOU on a diet

It's day 2 of YOU on a Diet. Sort of. I guess. Most of yesterday was spent shopping. YOAD isn't exactly a diet plan, although they do have menus for the first 2 weeks. Too bad it is weird food. So I made up my own menu. It doesn't feel very "diet-ish". I am already eating less and eating better food. So it's a good thing.

And since you have to have whole wheat products, and I figured we would all initially balk at them, I decided to go ahead and try gluten free.

I have read that if you child will only eat certain foods, then suspect a food allergy. Well, there was a time when my ds10 loved milk. When we took it away, his behavior improved so much. Guess what other thing he loves? You got it: bread! Sometimes all he eats at a meal is the bread or the we are going to give that a go.

Ok, that is it for now.


Deeny said...

I just wanted to say Hi. I never thought of a gluten free diet, but I have recently found out a couple of my friends have started to get rid of the gluten in their diets and say it is really helping their kids. My oldest is Blind Mentally handicapped with Autistic behaviors. I have always wondered about the connection of diet and behavior. The thing is, I love bread. I love baking bread. Good luck with your diet adventures.

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thank you for the comment Deana. I am going to write more about gluten free....