Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Who's reading!

I blog simply to express myself. I will blog anyway even if no one reads it. But people do read it. That is so fun to know. Not alot of people leave comments. Ok, two people leave comments. Recently I saw another blogger explain that comments are a blogger's "salary". I thought that was a good analogy. Makes me want to leave more comments!

Stats show that about half of my visitors are from google searches of Sensory disorder and homeschooling w/ sonlight curriculum. Several times the search of the words 'sonlight adhd' led people here. I don't know that I have ever blogged about those 2 things. But I have ADD and 2 of my kids do too. Well one has ADD and the other ADHD.I think Sl is great for add.Let the kids quietly play while you read outloud. what could be simpler!?


Cajunchic said...

You know I am here. I actually read this post the other day but have just had time to respond to it

Jennifer Sr. said...

Yes, I am thrilled that you are a regular reader!!!