Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time4Learning review

Time4Learning is an online education program that can be used as a homeschooling curriculum, an afterschool tutorial or for summer learning. As a member, I've been given the opportunity to share my experiences. The content in this review was not written by Time4Learning. While I was compensated, the opinion is entirely my own.

I decided in Feb. I wanted to do a few months of at the end of this school year. I wanted to expose my kids a more "traditional" version of school. Also, I knew that the usual end of the year fatigue would eventually set in.

Though I did not know it then, that decision ended up being a huge lifesaver. We are staying w/ relatives for an extended period of time, while our house gets exterminated. Having school on the computer has been a huge blessing.

Years ago, I did Time4Learning as a full curriculum. I was hoping it would be "fun" for the kids, esp. the one w/ learning disabilites. But only one of my kids thought it was fun(the first grader). I am sure that some kids would find it fun, but it's not a guarantee. Some kids just don't find school fun no matter how you dress it up. I liked it, but decided it wasn't for our family as a full curriculum.

Our experience this time has been a great one. It's not up to me to get everything ready, it's all prepared. I help when they need it. It has made them more independent and has shown me some areas that they need more work.

I have had one of my students(so far) complete the simulated state assessment test. It has been very eye opening. After the first section of the test, I asked why he never looked over the passage again. He told me he thought that would be cheating!! I love that they will be exposed to this type of test taking.

It has been good to see where they match up w/ their grade level. One of them who turned out to not be on grade level in math, I chose a lower level of math and let him work on multiplication and division facts. I think that was a great use of program.

It is $20 a month for the first student and then $15 for each additional. Paying for months in advance gives you a discount. If someone lists you as the one who recommended them, you get $$. When we did it before, I received a check in the mail because 2 people listed me. Also you can earn $$ by writing a blog review. It's nice that they offer these things.

I will definitely want to do again at the end of next year's school year!

Check it out, there is alot I haven't mentioned. :)


Aandwsmom said...

Glad to see that you liked it better this time around!
We are users of T4L as well for 3 yrs now.
I love how independent it makes my boys, esp. since I am a WAHM.
ITA, the Simulated testing part is GREAT because it gives me some insight into what we need to brush up on in order to do our REAL State testing!
Makes it easier for a homeschooling Mom to concentrate on the FUN part of homeschooling!

Happy Homeschooling Mom of 2 Middle Schoolers since 2008.

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thanks for your comment. There was so much more I could have bragged about! ;)

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