Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I should update more! But since I found facebook, it satisfies the need for talking and communicating that I originally hoped this blog would fill.

The few visitors I do get like to read about my experience w/ Sonlight Curriculum and I sure like talking about it!! So I will try to post every now and then...

We are currently on a summer break. My intention was to work through the summer, but I was so burned out that we took a break. I am so glad we did. I feel fired up to start again in the fall!

I did a little "sneak peek" the last few weeks of school and used my new SL cores: 100 and Core 3. I have found that I need to follow the schedule exactly for awhile before changing it. I need to give it a chance.

My oldest really needs some input w/ the literature, so this summer I am going to read as many of his level 100 books as I can. There are about 40 and I have read 2. I feel like they are changing my life! And I LOVE LOVE how the assigned books relate so well w/ each other. I am reading a non fiction book about pilgrims and I just finished a fictional story about them. Really well rounded.

Hope the kids enjoy it as much as I have!!!!

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Luke said...

I, for one, love catching up on your latest Sonlight adventures [smile]. Glad to hear you're loving the Core 100 books.