Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I keep waiting...

but the "other shoe" never drops! Dare I sigh a sigh of relief? So many times I have started in excitement only to fizzle out!

I decided to switch back to the 4 day plan of Sonlight's 1+2 program. I bought the 5 day because I just had to do all of it. Recently I was doing the 5 day because the assignments seemed a little shorter, although I don't know if that is actually true or not. I didn't worry about what day of the schedule I was on, I just worked it.

Then I decided after reading on the forums about those who are happy doing the 4 day, I decided to give it a shot. We do attend co-op one day a week and I no longer have the time or energy to obsess about "missed books" that aren't included in the 4 day program. And we are able to read aloud more(me) and they are able to listen to more.

I am so glad I kept up with it even though it felt like I was failing. Even though I felt like I couldn't make people understand what my problem was. Even though I have googled "hate sonlight" hoping to find something that could help me articulate what my problem was!!! Other box checkers(people who must complete every assignment) were adapting, was I one of the ones who could not overcome reason number 6 of " 27 Reasons not to buy Sonlight"? I didn't want to be and now I am not. It is an amazing feeling and such a relief!!!

I would get so mad because it was SL who made me so picky in the first place! w/ their constant improvements and awesome customer service! I never had demands or expectations for curriculum, I thought it was my task master for me to follow exactly and if it didn't work it was my fault...and I was SO jealous of people who found their curriculum and didn't look around anymore. NOW it's ME!!

So after doing various programs over the last few years, and only completing about 8 weeks of SL in that time, I am excited to report that we just finished week 12!

I just breathed a deep sigh, just reading over it, but I will still be prepared for interuptions. I still remain hopeful, though! :)


Luke said...

May Sonlight continue to work out well for you... and I'm very glad to hear that you've overcome #6 [smile].


Jennifer Sr. said...