Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How does Sonlight work for the chronically ill mom?

The last few weeks I have been very disappointed w/ myself.I was doing really well w/ the SL schedule and then co-op started. My boys were having a hard time adjusting to managing their time. I was very tired due to the increased activity.

Well today I pulled out my SL binder.Then I gathered all the books that go w/ it. They were on the shelf all together.Took everything to my room, called everyone to my bed and got started.

I thank God that I have stuck w/ one curriculum for this long. I am really learning from the mistakes! I decided instead of one day's reading, I would see if I could do 4 days worth in each subject so I could finish out that week. One map book, I guess I lost, so we are just looking at other maps. One book, I chose not to include...

Because I am doing a lower core than recommended, it was totally doable. But only because I started out following the schedule and then built up! When we first started, we couldn't have tolerated this much reading.Now we didn't do 4 chapters of read aloud, that would have been too much.

The kids do their individual subjects on their own or take turns working w/ me.

I have many issues and struggles, which I would be happy to list if you want to hear about it. ;) It took me FOREVER(or at least it felt like it) to finally feel like I just might be able to do this homeschool thing. And still I must depend on God's grace daily, hourly! It is just not something I could do in my own strength.

But if I could do it under my own power, that wouldn't require faith, would it? :)


Luke said...

Glad you made progress today! Keep up the good work. And yes: Customize to fit your needs (or if you can't find a book [smile]).

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

i am at the beginning of our homeschool journey and i am slogging thru the F-O-R-E-V-E-R part, what a great idea, doing the weeks subject in one day, i am already planning to spread the cores out over two years, but i need to write your idea down somewhere...

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! I will probably always struggle, but must keep trying!