Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 2

Today went really well.

My health is improving. And since I am now using allergy pills that don't cause drowsiness, I am relishing the feeling of not being groggy all day!!!!

I added to the stuff we did yesterday. We started w/ Bible, which seems to really cause us to have success!

Listened to a chapter of Word of Promise on CD. It is the NKJ version performed by Jim Cavieziel and other famous actors. Then I played a worship song. Today I found one on youtube w/ the words displayed. I instruct the kids to be respectful and try to make the words a prayer. This is the only time I try to shape the way they behave during singing.

Then because some were still eating I went on to read our SL bible reading(for history and studying).

Then it was Window on the World.

For prayer, one day the thought occurred to me that it was silly for us to list our prayer requests and then repeat those very same words as we prayed for them. Plus, no one wants to pray outloud, so they give a prayer request such as "Pray for our aunt who is having surgery" then I would say" I pray for our aunt who is having surgery". weird right?

So~ I declared that while you are giving the need, THAT is your prayer. After all, He is in our midst because He is there wherever 2 or more are gathered!

Also during prayer, I read out the needs of the country we read about in Window on the World.

I have been so torn up over the last 2 years trying to complete the Sonlight materials I bought. These last 2 days have really just come together. Don't tell anyone on the SL message boards that I am using level 1+2 for my kids ages 8-12, with the 14 year old listening in before he does his own work. The top age recommended for this level was 10 I believe, but it just didn't work out before when I tried it.

The Lord took me down this road for a reason. I made the plans, but the Lord ordered my steps.

Remember when it drove me crazy to modify the schedule? I think now we will just do all the activities listed because now they are older, so the activities won't be too much.

Then I completed the SL schedule and went over some math tips w/ everyone.

now they are doing Mad Libs, it is getting really silly...

The oldest still has his work to do and a few have already finished their individual work.

Thank God for completing the work he began in me!


Luke said...

I'm so glad that things are starting fall into place. I wouldn't worry about the recommended age... especially because it's a recommendation [smile]. Keep up the great work!


Jennifer Sr. said...

That is true!!! Thanks for pointing that out!!