Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pick it and stick it

It's been a while, I'll say it again: blogging is one of the first things to go.

We are getting ready to start school around here pretty soon. My extra student won't be joining us. I sure wish I'd known that before I ordered for this year, but oh well.

It is time to "Pick it and stick it" so to speak. No curriculum is perfect. I have recently realized that I have some "obsessive tendencies" and that sure makes it hard to choose curriculum and then adapt it, etc.

But I am learning to work w/ myself. After all, I'm all I've got!!! :)

Anytime I mention Sonlight, it gets lots of traffic, so I try to give any and all insight I have on the subject because people seem to be interested in hearing it. Maybe some of you are a little obsessive too? ;)

Sonlight bugs me because I am a "box checker" and naturally want to complete every task in the teacher manual(the instructor's guide or IG). But I am told there are too many activities, much like an all you can eat buffet has too many choices for you to eat everything. So you can do one Core level over 2 years or a lower level core than your children need, I suppose.

But even with that, SL is what we declared we will stick w/. The books are memorable, and reading aloud is hard for me because I'd rather read it faster by myself, but it is BEAUTIFUL sharing the wonderful stories. And they schedule so many books, even if I end up doing only a fraction of them, I have still done alot.

And all the books come w/ it. I won't lose library books and that is huge for me.

Nevermind that I am still trying to complete the same core I bought 3 years ago. Now that the special needs student won't be joining us, I can give it a real true test!

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Luke said...

Yeah, Reason #6 Not to Buy Sonlight is a very real concern for many families. I'm glad to hear that you're pushing through that [smile].

Keep up the great work, and may you have your best year yet (even if you're still working on some stuff from a couple years ago [smile]).