Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sonlight vs....

Last night in the wee hours I wrote this post and then I quickly took it down. It didn't express everything that I wanted it to and it didn't sound the way I wanted it to. I didn't know that it would still show up in rss feeds and on blogger reader! So my main readers are going to see it anyway! So for better or for worse, here are some late night ramblings....

I worry that my oldest son is really missing out because I focus so much on my younger 3 + the neighbor.

Is he doing enough to be prepared for high school? I just don't know.

And what will he be using for high school? That is really the question of the hour.

I was all set to switch to My Father's World curriculum when Luke left me the nicest comment. It caused me to remember why I had chosen Sonlight in the first place and what a wonderful family the Holzmanns are and how much I had learned from them.I wish I could articulate the kind of Christian I was and who I am today in Christ.

For one thing, I didn't always realize that there is not one (agreed upon)Christian way. When I first got my SL science materials and read the article on young old, old earth I was totally shocked! I had always been taught "YOUNG EARTH ONLY...or else!" I did not know there were Christians who believed in the old earth theory. So I am supposed to weigh the evidence and decide which of these I believe.

Wow! I did not know that could be trusted with a decision like this!

I love the way SL is so open. They aren't afraid. They even include a section on the website and in the catalog called "reasons not to buy Sonlight".

My Christian faith was always afraid. Afraid that if I let my 2 year old watch Barney, he might grow up to believe that rainbows are made when elephants sneeze. And I still feel a little bit "bad" when on occasion I listen to secular music.That doesn't sound like a strong faith to me!

Now instead of only presenting one side(the side I believe to be right) to my kids, I present what I believe and WHY. AND I include what others believe(when appropriate, of course) and why I disagree. My kids are ages 7-13, I don't know that I would present both sides to a toddler and let him decide! ;) Their faith is STRONG.And their beliefs are their own. And when they leave my house, they won't be blindsided by another point of view after a lifetime of only hearing one side of things.

Whew...I got a little winded there giving that example, so I am going to end it there! ;)


Luke said...

Thanks for posting this!


africanamericanhomeschoolcurriculum said...

i appreciate this too, i was having 2nd thots about sonlight, then remembered the liberal arts eduation i got as a christian...i want that for my kiddos.

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thank you for letting me know!