Thursday, September 18, 2008

More about building a routine and schedule

My 'building a homeschool schedule and routine' post has brought alot of visitors. Alot for me anyway. ;)

I just looked over it again to see if it really had any wisdom to offer anyone. It is a simple tip, but I believe a useful one-start w/ a few subjects and when those are going smoothly, add one or two more. After a few weeks you will have a solid working schedule instead of the crashing and burning that sometimes happens when you try to start w/ a full on schedule.

Here's another great tip~ Don't get discouraged if my advice doesn't work for you. What works for me may wreak chaos in your house and that is ok. It doesn't mean the advice is bad or that you are a hopeless case. It just means that we aren't a good match. Keep looking and soon you will find someone whose advice works like pure magic for you.

After all, my brain does work in mysterious ways...


Cajunchic said...

I just wanted to let you know that though I have not been commenting I have been reading your blog in my reader. Your post lately have been such an inspiration to me and have really helped since I struggle with routine and schedule.

Jennifer Sr. said...

Thanks!! I love that you left a comment and that the post helped you!!