Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sonlight moment today

Look at everyone doing their Geography Songs! They wanted to show their faces because they thought I was trying to take a photo for the Sonlight catalog! But the contest is already over this year. Maybe I will still enter it for next year's catalog. I told them to cover their faces, that it was just a pic for my blog! Pictures like this make me forget all the hard stuff and make me grateful that my pitiful little self has been entrusted w/ these little hearts and minds. :)

I should mention that another HUGE thing that has helped me is prayer. I have been earnestly seeking God and asking for His direction for homeschooling and some other areas too. It just seems like the scales have come off! I started off homeschooling w/ confidence, well more acurately: pride.Then for a long time I felt defeated.I still think I am powerless. BUT w/ God, my weaknesses will be strengths. That is where I am now. Enjoying moments that I don't deserve and didn't create on my own. I hope that when things get low, I can remember that it isn't permanent, that after the valley, a peak is on the way.

Geography Songs is a wonderful little CD(also comes w/ a workbook). It came w/ my Sonlight Core 1+2. A painless way to learn the countries/countinents/planets and have your kid sound like a prodigy all at the same time.

Before this CD, I couldn't even name the oceans and continents. And now I know where Bahrain is. I mentioned to the kids that this is where Michael Jackson now lives. None of them knew who MJ is, but that is beside the point. When the Transformer movie came out, I asked the kids, ok, I excitedly exclaimed, "DID YOU SEE THAT in the Transformer movie that they were in Qatar???!!"

These songs will STICK in your mind. If you know what "ear worm" means, this definitely qualifies!

I love doing as much as possible for all the kids at once. The oldest one is in 8th grade, so I won't be able to do that much longer.

I scrapped the SL schedule and just started at the beginning of the book. Today they kept asking to go on to the next song. It didn't escape my attention that the songs we know best are the ones we did according to the SL schedule! oh well...I was beginning to not get to them at all, that is why I decided to just open the book and go.

We went on and on, song after song. I figured an intro to many of the songs and countries was better than only doing a few songs really well. Besides, they were showing an interest and I wanted to encourage it. So we went through several songs and it started to get silly.

We got to the Middle East song, which was one of the first songs we learned. So everyone is singing really loud and confidently. I pause the song and say through giggles "Let's all sing the song as loud as we can."


The five kids on the couch shouted the song into their make shift mega phones(the workbooks).

I closed my eyes and leaned back onto my chair. I thought I might cry with happiness.


Luke said...

Great photo!


The Small Scribbler said...

This is adorable! I remember some good moments with geography songs with my two oldest. You've reminded me that I should pull it out again for the younger bunch.


Jennifer Sr. said...

I am tickled to see 2 comments!!! Thanks so much. I bet if you pull Geo songs out for the youngers, your olders would enjoy it all over again!! I know we will be saying "muslims, christians and jews" for years to come! ;)