Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A few thoughts on homeschooling and ADD

I think writing everyday is helpful to me. Getting it out of my brain could only help, I imagine.

Certain topics seem to attract more visitors. Specifically, I have seen several visitors here searching for "Sonlight and ADD".

My short answer is that I think SL could be very good for a kid w/ ADD, unless the kids needs alot of activities and the parent wants activities provided. I also think SL can work for dyslexics if the parent is willing to read to the student or provide books on tape.

HOWEVER~ For me, a parent w/ ADD, the SL schedule rattles my brain. Science is separate, then LA. History, Bible, read alouds are all on one page all together. What really gets me is the notes are organized according to book. So during week 3, I have to go to the back of the giant binder, go to the history section and pull the pages for that week's reading. Then to the read aloud section and pull the questions for the read aloud.

The short answer solution to this is to create your own schedule, either on a spread sheet, or on paper so everything can be in one place. That still doesn't address all the notes scattered everywhere.Surely there is a way to make it all work, but my brain gets all jumbled in the process.

SL makes it this way for a reason, and they make improvements based on customer responses, so I am guessing people like it that way.

Just my 2 cents.


Luke said...

Sonlight takes customer feedback very seriously. If you have a way to make it better/more functional, we'd love to hear it!


Jennifer Sr. said...

I think SL is on the right track already by considering an electronic IG. I think it would be perfect for those who can't stand to have all the papers at once.

Or possibly come up w/ an agreement w/ homeschool tracker (or something like it) and sell the lesson plans and notes so they can be adapted as needed. Wouldn't it be great to be able to easily make a weekly schedule/assignment sheet for each child!?

I must admit that I am very reluctant to leave this great company who values its customers so much!!!