Monday, April 14, 2008

30 Days to Live

This is the title of the latest sermon series at church. Not that we have been to church or anything in the last few weeks(because of the broken ankle), but we are reading the book.

How would you live if you had 30 days left on the earth? And of course the moral of the story is, what is holding you back from living life to the fullest NOW?

One goal if I only had 30 days would be to not leave anything unsaid. I have already told my mom I think she is great. She started to cry, so thank goodness I didn't say "awesome". ;)

My mom hates to have her picture taken and I always lecture her that it is a bad example for the kids to put herself down like that. On Sat. I didn't want my kids taking pics of me and my mom was quick to remind me that I don't let her get away w/ talking like that. I said that I feel like I look terrible and confessed that in my mind I want to put off taking pics til I look better.

"If you only had 30 days to live, would you stop them from taking your picture?"

Her question just cut right to my heart. Of course I wouldn't stop them if I only had 30 days to live.

I like this experiment. It is very clarifying...and life changing.


Mrs. Darling said...

O need to linkyou so I dont foget your address. I didnt kow about your husabnd. So sorry. Sounds like this has put quite a strain on you. Hang in there and be blessed!

Jennifer Sr. said...

It is good to hear from you. I haven't been blogging much.

Thanks, Jennifer

Mrs. Darling said...

Jennifer the link to the pen is just simply These moms I spoke with just couldnt say enough about it!!! I have high hopes it will help Tink!