Monday, March 17, 2008


I love posting a pic and then writing. It really helps get me motivated to write!

This picture was taken last fall. Doesn't it look like a fun way to have school? See, I figure, when all the kids' memories have faded of day to day struggles, all they will have left are the fun pictures!! I will love that day!! lol

Today on my mind is homeschooling. I know that I am supposed to be doing it. When I think of my life's purpose, or God's will for me, I think of Homeschooling.

It's not always pretty and I am not always able to do everything that I want to.

My latest little worry session is over curriculum. I am definitely drawn to Sonlight. Oh my, it is aLOT of reading. I don't understand what it means that you can pick and choose the activities. Why are they listed in the daily schedule then???!!

I look at WinterPromise that is supposed to be lighter, but I don't want to change. What if it is worse?!

So I continue to press on using time4learning for most all subjects, which is a wonderful thing right now as I continue to seek relief from health issues.

If I have learned one thing, it is to continue on, even limp along if needed, but just keep going forward!


Cajunchic said...

I know some people who use sonlight and love it. From what they told me the ciriculumn is just a rough draft. You make the final draft with your childrens strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Jennifer Sr. said...

I think that is going to help me alot to think of it as a rough draft!! Thank you so much!!