Friday, February 1, 2008

starting over


So today started out good, because w/ our income tax on the way, I re-enrolled the other 4 kids in time 4 learning.

Let me stop right here and recommend that if you ever do try it for a month, make sure that you are financially able to continue if you want to. I don't really "regret" doing it the way I did, but oh boy, it could've been better!

I signed up knowing I would have to let my membership lapse, thinking it would be no big deal. Well, it was a big deal. For one thing,I thought I had a monthly membership(as in calendar month), when really I had a 30 DAY membership. So we ended up getting charged when I meant to cancel.Secondly, it is best to sign up kids at the same time or w/in a week of each other for billing purposes. I don't have the energy to elaborate on the trouble that caused, just trust me.

So today we are learning time4learning all over again. When you start a subject from the beginning, there is an arrow that points to the next assignment. Today we are starting as new students, but having already completed some lessons, I can't use the handy little arrow pointing to the next assignment, now I have to keep up w/ everybody's individual assignments. For each subject!!!

I was so much more relaxed after my month w/ t4l. Now I am completely frazzled again!!

Live and learn...


Mrs. Darling said...

Well that does sound like a bummer. I spose eventually you'll get used to it all but what a pain!

Jennifer Sr. said...

In fact, I am almost completely over it!! lol