Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So what's it about???

I guess I really don't have a theme or a reoccuring topic that I write about. Heck, I don't even know WHY I even have a blog, really. I once considered myself a good writer, but lately(the last few years or so) I find myself unable to get words from my head to the paper in a relevant, humorous or any kind of meaningful way.

Things are sailing along in the homeschooling department. I continue to love Time4Learning as we are almost half way through our first month in the program. I have always been a big fan of "better late than early" and letting kids mature, not rushing them.I have always been more of a relaxed homeschooler. However, it doesn't seem to have worked in my case. Oh and learn.

Or maybe that was for then and this is for now! I love doing a more formal curriculum. Now I can tell ya what "grade level" each kid is in each subject. It really is neat and I think necessary(?) for the special needs child to be able to gauge what level they are on.Now when I talk to experts and professionals about my son, I can talk their talk. I can pull our printed reports and grades and timed reading scores. And if he will ever alert me to print before he logs off, I will have examples of his writing(well, it is typed, but it is a story). That is something else he has a hard time doing.

Also, time4learning helps me meet the goals the school set for him if he were enrolled in their special ed program. I don't know how accurate or ambitious these goals are because they were set w/out evaluating my son, but I am meeting them or almost meeting them. Time4Learning helps me w/ that!!

Just in case anyone stumbles across this post, I will say that the best thing we did for our son who has sensory processing disorder(I think that is what they are calling it no) was take him off of milk! I don't have many issues w/ that area very much. Well, not major ones anyway. I really think when he stopped drinking milk, he really turned a corner. I can't be sure, but all of us have noticed a big difference. He is so much easier to get along w/! Sometimes I forget how far he has come. He still doesn't like change very much, but I don't get screamed at and cried at very much at all anymore.

And we have also learned a thing or two about picking which hill to die on, and choosing our battles. I am sure that plays a part too.


Cajunchic said...

This post has given me so much hope. Thank You. My daughter was just diagnosed with SPD about a month ago and I sometimes think I will always deal with the crying and screaming when things change.

Jennifer Sr. said...

I am so glad to hear that! Read the Out of Sync Child if you haven't already. Is your daughter in Occupational therapy? It is really such a personal journey, everyone has to find their own way, what works for one may not work for another. My ds w/ SPD also has ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia and Learning disabilities. Most people wouldn't suspect there is anything "wrong" w/ him, if that makes you feel better. In fact, dh and I are very guilty of forgetting and that is a no-no. He literally cannot be expected to do some things as well as someone who does not have this disorder.

good to get to know you!

Sincerely, Jennifer

Jennifer Sr. said...

I should add for anyone who might be reading, to run, not walk over to for great day to day goings-on in the life a homeschooling family dealing w/ SPD!